Tight shipment schedules and multiple venue stops are common logistics headaches that face trade fair organizers, show promoters and exhibitors. Many of them, however, have found the solution to these challenges: a dependable and experienced logistics partner in Translink.

Their trust in us is based on several factors. Our impressive track record spanning countless exhibitions, events and performances spells assurance in our skills in accommodating and freighting exhibits, instruments and props. Moreover, we are often reappointed as the official or approved freight forwarder for major events.

And then there's peace of mind. State-of-the-art facilities such as our self managed warehouses and comprehensive lifting and handling equipment illustrate our capability to manage the entire logistics of an event as complex as an exhibition. Our cargo tracking system means that customers know their cargo is in safe hands.

We care about every project, large or small. Our use of Key Performance Indicators to monitor service needs has enabled us to chart your requirements, so that we are positioned to provide a consistently high level of service.

Over the years, Translink India has built a strong global network, enabling our customers have access to our door-to-door logistics solutions, ensuring the smooth transfer of exhibits from one destination to the other - right on time and in tip-top condition.  


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Tracking System
Translink India
has Launched its new tracking system to assist you in keeping
track of your shipments.


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